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Liam Holmes - Oh Kenny [Official Music Video]

Liam Holmes - Oh Kenny [Official Music Video]

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Liam Holmes - You Broke My Heart On Tuesday (Official Video)

Liam Holmes - You Broke My Heart On Tuesday (Official Video)

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Liam Holmes - #InstaChicks (Official Video) Selfie Song

Liam Holmes - #InstaChicks (Official Video) Selfie Song

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Liam Holmes - Locked Up (Official Video)

Liam Holmes - Locked Up (Official Video)

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Liam Holmes Music

A bit about me - Liam Holmes

Liam Holmes grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound. For some, music is just a way to let out a little bit of energy, but for Liam Holmes it’s so much more than that – it’s a way of life. 

A brief history

Liam was raised in Dagenham, in the South East of England. Growing up under the wing of his Mum, Dad and four Brothers at the family home. During he’s school years Liam was never shy of a performance or two. Ever the practical joker and entertainer, He took to the stage during school plays and knew from a young age that performing for an audience was where his life was destined to lead.

Aged 6, Liam sung for his entire assembly class, performing Michael Jackson’s Earth Song & You Are Not Alone, showcasing a confidence that would have students, teachers and his parents realise where his natural gifts were.


This fun, energetic, curious guy seeked audiences of music lovers from a young age, and his energy had eventually turned to consistent songwriting. He soon found his way towards music performances where he could play his heart out.

During his teens Liam dabbled in UK Garage and Grime music, and as way of keeping his creative urges flowing, he appeared on notable underground pirate radio stations, and would be heard offering insight into his life growing up in the south east, under the allias "Legacy MC". Rapping, with the odd singing vocal was Liam's forte. 

At this point in time here was Liam merely finding his way in music and felt comfortable writing lyrics and expressing himself on the mic, which in turn earned him notable exposure on the social networking site, MySpace.

In 2006 Liam opened his first official music website via Myspace. Having no computer at home he would make daily trips to the library in order to update his page with news and music. Recording music on his initial DAW, Cubase, he would prepare rough demo's of songs he had and book in time at the library, and often overstay his welcome, to upload these tracks to his Myspace page. Liam gained huge exposure on that platform, and was often topping the Myspace music charts with his songs, which drew attention from all over the world, namely American music labels. This was Liam's start in music...

Throughout the past decade Liam has performed in renowned music venues in the UK, as well as various pubs, clubs, bars and theatres, showcasing original songs and creative covers.

With a dedication to always do what he loves, and be who he is, bouncing back from adversity, with a new found desire to inspire others, Liam Holmes takes us to new levels of creative comfort, and believes in becoming exactly who we're intended to become.


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Fusing instrumental talent, technical precision and masterful production, Liam Holmes has produced an impressive back catalog. From soulful stripped back guitar tunes, to those up-tempo songs that have us bopping along, check out a great selection of music he has recorded over time.

Check out more of

Liam's music repertoire

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You Broke My Heart On Tuesday - 17.7.202


In came 2012, and the decision was made to craft a piece of musical works that demonstrates the charismatic musical ability of Liam Holmes. The Legacy EP was created and Liam delivered 5 tracks + an enticing intro for the entire project, and an endearing ending with huge comedic value. Showcasing Liam and his personality to a tee. 


From the time of his first EP release to now his second compilation of songs, Liam Holmes had grown considerably as an artist. Honing his skills with regular gigs throughout the UK and abroad, additionally spending the other half of his time around amazing music producers. Liam delivered 5 incredible sounds to the world with his Loyalty EP. 


You Broke My Heart On Tuesday is by far the best music Liam has ever released. As is the term often used by many fans and bloggers alike when hearing this bouncy number. A self-produced track, Liam Holmes brings yet another seductive baseline that encapsulates a sound no one can ignore. The latest single from Liam, and definitely one that is met with a sense of completion after having seen the music video

Live acoustic performance of Oh Kenny

Concert for One


News Beats

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Liam Holmes Releases New Song + Music Video

July 17, 2020

Liam Holmes releases self-produced "You Broke My Heart On Tuesday" today, alongside an exclusive, self-produced music video. Liam describes his latest release as his best work yet, and spoke of his intention to combine lyrics of heartbreak with an upbeat vibe. What do you think, are you loving Liam's latest work?

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Liam Holmes Song Featured on BBC Radio

June 30, 2020

Another day, another radio appearance.  Liam continues to appear on various shows, including appearing twice on BBC radio within two months of this post, having he's new music played and talking live with the host of the shows about he's journey through music and he's recent involvement with keeping the nation entertained during lockdown, bringing his 'Cuppa and a Song' series to the nation.  

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Cuppa and a Song

March 30th, 2020

Liam began entertaining the country, and people from all over the world live on Facebook, with his creative 'CUPPA AND A SONG' show at the start of lockdown in England. Catch up on all of his latest episodes -



Liam Holmes
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