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It's not been an easy road for me getting to where I am and am thankful to everyone who has helped me get to this point. I have tried not to write too much, but you know how it is with these things. So here it goes, the bare truth about Liam Holmes.

Liam Holmes was raised in Dagenham, Essex in the South East of England. Growing up was fun with four brothers around him & having a steady relationship with both parents despite their divorce when Liam was aged just 12 years old. Promoted to being ‘the class clown’ during he’s school years Liam was never shy of a performance or two. Ever the practical joker and entertainer, He took to the stage during school plays and knew from very young that performing for an audience was where his life was destined to lead. Aged 6 he took on the entire class assembly to perform Michael Jackson’s Earth Song & You Are Not Alone with his mum present. Mum knew from this point what he should be doing, and supported him ever since.

Although growing up within a tight family Liam was prone to lead a life of petty crime outside of the family home during his mid teens. Influenced by the ‘normal’ activity of life whilst living on the verge of London’s east end Liam found himself in police cells a few times due to his behaviour on the streets getting up to mischief with the friends he would hang with back in the day.

A government scheme which took potential young offenders on a visit to HMP, saw Liam see the error of his ways. Soon realising just how much of a great escape music really was for him. Deep down, this fun, energetic family guy just wanted an audience and his creative energy turned to consistent song writing. Having penned his first original track aged just 12 Liam gained an understanding of wanting to be respected for something rather than nothing. Wanting to make his family proud he knew he wanted to achieve but would he lead a life of crime or follow his true passion?

During his teens Liam wrote many lyrics but not so much the kind of lyrics you are more prone to hear from him in his music today. Liam would write lyrics to grime & garage beats being heavenly influenced by that sound at the time.

In a way of keeping his creative urges flowing, he appeared on some underground pirate radio stations known as Legacy MC and was heard offering an insight into life growing up in the south east. Liam was merely finding his way in music and felt comfortable writing lyrics and expressing himself on the mic. which in turn earned him exposure on the social networking site, MySpace.

In 2006 Liam opened his first official music site here and started uploading his own material. Having uploaded songs he had written in his room at home and recording them in a make shift home studio Liam quickly gained a following, both easy listening & professional. Throughout the last ten years Liam has performed in theatres across Essex & London, entertaining audiences with his musical, dancing & acting talents.

My photoThe majority of these theatre performances occurred during his time attending a theatre school every Saturday afternoon during his early to late teens. Recent times has seen Liam being asked to personally come down and perform his original material at venues across London, including at the O2 & SCALA.

Having studied the greats and still believing that music has no boundaries Liam has created a sound and perhaps his overall appeal simply from living the life he has lead. Everyone is unique in their own way & each person has their own unique stories to tell & Liam is one unique person. During his journey so far Liam has grasped the fundamental key of how to write, arrange and produce a song, spending his last penny’s on musical equipment including his brand new guitar and somehow finding the money to fill up the tank to travel between bars & clubs just to perform and perfect his craft. Giving a unique performance each time Liam gives performances to remember. It’s a must see.

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